Spreading festive cheer at Chapelton

Children at the Croft Nursery in the centre of Chapelton were excited when our Head of Construction Andy Lawson, aka Mr Snowman, paid them a very special visit in the run-up to Christmas.

Getting into the spirit, Andy donned a snowman costume and presented around 40 young children with a gift from ZeroC.

Did you know that Chapelton benefits from its own nursery school? Chapelton is much more than a new housing development. It is a long-term vision to create a new sustainable town, comprising 8,000 homes and an equal number of job spaces, as well as all the amenities you would expect. Services such as the nursery make life so much easier and offer parents an opportunity to meet each other.

Why not take a look at the new homes we have available at Chapelton.

Festive cheer at Chapelton

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